Posted by Laurel Nishida on Apr 29, 2017
Our Rotarians at Work Day this year involved fixing up Canine Corners Dog Park at Harry Griffen Regional Park in La Mesa.  La Mesa Sunrise Rotarians and other volunteers all helped put in a very productive day!  In addition to the tasks listed below, we provided 2 picnic tables and 4 benches, did a bit of tree trimming, and wrapped wooden posts with rubber mats to protect running dogs from injuring themselves.
Go, team!
Corrugated aluminum roofing panels were screwed onto the pergola tops for shade.
Eroded soil was shoveled back and the walking path was cleared.  Bricks were placed to prevent future erosion.  A new storage box with a lid was installed at the front entry.
Our president hard at work cleaning chairs.


Isabel helping out with weeding.


Lisa and significant other


Tad removed the mailboxes which were housing black widow spiders.  We provided 3,000 poop bags and 2 pooper scoopers and installed stainless steel buckets for watering stations.