Since March, our daily lives have been a blur of changing news about the COVID19 virus! We know that being in close proximity to other people dramatically increases the chances of the spread of this illness, and that it can have devastating long term effects in some people, and kill many others. For the time being, we will continue to meet "virtually" and do our best to support each other and our communities.
We will continue to donate our time, our funds and our energy as we connect in new ways. The new theme of our Rotary International President Holger Knaacht is "Rotary Opens Opportunities." We have a lot of exciting opportunities to connect with speakers and new club members who might not have been able to attend one of our "regular" meetings, but can now join via Zoom. We are also recording these meetings using Facebook Live, so they can be viewed at another time if the morning meeting is not convenient.
We can find speakers from other nations and other areas of our own country, hold committee meetings without having to leave our houses, and save the money we would have been spending on meals. Changes, especially sudden and all encompassing ones such as this pandemic has become, are always a huge challenge! But as Rotarians who want to stay connected, we need to adapt as best we can.
--Elly Dotseth