Sat Apr 28, 2018 at 8:00 AM.
This Saturday April 28 from 8-11 at Harriet Tubman Charter School, 6880 Mohawk Street, San Diego, will be our yearly Rotarians at Work Day. 
We will be working in three areas of the school:
1. Kinder area to rake, weed, plant a monarch butterfly garden and paint some of the benches and raised sand box.
2. Paint inspirational messages on the walls in the girl and boy restrooms.
3. Plant 10 fruit trees in the orchard and assemble, fill and plant three raised beds.
4. For those needing to be out of the sun, we will have birdhouses to paint and a gift for all of the staff that will need to be assembled. Near the end, we will clean the tables in the kinder area.
Some staff and students from Tubman will be on hand to help as well as some friends of Rotary.  A request also has gone out to SDSU Interact.
Items to bring:
1. hat, gloves, sunscreen, water (we have some gloves but best to have your own if possible; will have water but would not hurt to bring your own water bottles)
2.  shovels, rakes, hoes--please mark what you bring, even if you will not be using these items but have some at home, great if you could bring.
Bagels, fruit, juice, water, coffee will be available.