Comedy Hypnosis Show 

On April 1st, the Rotary Club of La Mesa Sunrise partnered with the La Mesa Rotary Club to host a FUN evening of bidding, music and an entertaining and humorous hypnosis show conducted by Marsha Star, a professional hypnotist. The music was just perfect, the crowd enthusiastic, and everyone from the two clubs worked hard to make the evening a great success! Thank you to everyone who did the work, donated money, and donated great vacation "get-aways" for people to bid live. Together we raised nearly $20,000 after expenses! The proceeds will be divided between the two clubs and will be used to fund our service projects.           
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La Mesa Park Appreciation Day Service Day

Lynn, Elly, Marlowe, Mike, Elena, Ron, Jo Ann, Betty and Christine represented our club at this fun and informative event held at MacArthur Park on Saturday, November 6th. Elena and her daughters set up tables with covering and decoration and strung our club banner. Christine brought past issues of the Rotary Magazine to give away, and we set up a display board made by Elly, that illustrated what Rotary International's Areas of Focus are, what we do together to help people around the world, and what we do together to have fun! We also had a display about the Monarch butterflies, and why it is important to start planting narrowleaf milkweed to aid in their migration and keep them healthy. Members took turns explaining this to our visitors. Everyone who stopped by our booth could take a small bag with a seed bomb and the QR code that Lili created, so they could learn more about the Monarch butterfly. The seed bomb could be tossed into a field, and will sprout in the spring rains.
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Narrow Leaf Milkweed "Seed Bombs"

August's service project was making clay "seed Bombs" with narrowleaf milkweed seeds. We will let them dry, package them, and sell them so that people can throw them into fields to grow the proper type of wild milkweed to help
Monarch Butterflies migrate.
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