Our most recent Service Project cost us some oxygen and a bit of gasoline, but the time together and the apples we were able to pick for a home owner in need were priceless! The altitude in Pine Valley caused a few of us to get dizzy while we were exerting ourselves! And Pine Valley is a bit farther out of town than we usually travel. Buy wow, did we harvest a lot of apples! There were only two trees, but they were large and heavily laden with fruit. Fern was the main contact since she has been finding food banks for us to bring the fresh produce since the beginning of the pandemic. Other helpers included Peggy Davis, Jeff Hall and his brother, Elly Dotseth, Marlowe McAnnear, Betty Howland and Ivan Alba (our tree climber!) The home owner had two friends who also came to help, and she baked delicious apple muffins for us to snack on when we needed a break.