Got Worms?
LMSR Club went to great lengths to introduce Harriet Tubman Charter School students to the wiggly world of worms. Instead of opening science books, 3rd graders got down and dirty with earthworms in January, provided by San Diego County Master Gardener Judith Hayes-Zavala. Students learned about the mysteries and marvels of this awesome annelid, and how this small creature plays such a large role in creating healthy soil to grow our food.
Tubman Charter is inching closer to setting up items purchased with LMSR funds: a Can-O-Worms worm farm and two tumbling compost bins, which will be used to teach the students about turning food leftovers and garden trimmings into nutrient-rich worm tea and compost to feed the garden.
LMSR funds recently provided two potting benches where seedlings will be nurtured, and two hand and produce washing stations so students can taste what they grow right in the garden. Plans are also underway to bring student-grown produce into the school meal program. 
LMSR funding and connections are continuing to bring to life the vision of the Tubman Real Food Revolution!