La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club Disaster Relief Team has begun planning how we can best assist people in Mexico City, and the Caribbean Islands as they begin to deal with the long term consequences of the massive hurricanes and earthquakes that have so devastated their lives. We held a meeting on Tuesday, September 27th of those who by show of hands last Friday morning, were interested in working on this project.
In a short time, with all of us on our cell phones talking to various connections, we were able to begin collecting donations of money as well as arrange to ship solar powered electric lights with USB ports to the Family Resource Center in the Virgin Islands. Bobbi Warren was the member who gave us the contact for the light manufacturer in Santa Barbara. They donated 50 lights and we paid for 150. The lights will be fully charged before being shipped to Miami. Once in Miami, they will be shipped by a smaller shipping vessel to St. Thomas. the shipping costs are being paid on that end as well, so all we had to do was pay for the lights.
Working together, we can make such a difference! This is only the beginning. there is so much more to do, but first we need everyone to spread the word that we are collecting money in our Foundation account to be spent on disaster assistance.
Through our contacts, we have been able to find small ports and shipping companies that have access to the islands in the Caribbean, so we do not have to rely upon large, disabled ports to get supplies where they are needed.  Please contact Bertha De La Fuente at Club Coronado Rotario Binacional for additional details about how you can help the Mexico relief efforts.
  Rotarians truly are People of Action!!