This year, we will be applying our energies to raise funds by applying for a District Grant  to work in partnership with another non-profit, to bring clean drinking water to more than 40% of impoverished family homes on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Rotary's areas of focus include Water and Sanitation, and if ever there were a worthy project, this is it! We will contribute our District Designated Funds, matching our own contribution to a Global Grant that is on-going and in its 3rd Phase.
DigDeep once performed their work in areas of Africa, that are in need of a way to store and use water where no infrastructure exists. They were shocked to realize that there are places even in the United States of America, where large populations  on Native American Reservations, live in nearly the same conditions! There are many reasons for this problem. On the Navajo Reservation, the water tables which once served as a source of clean, fresh water, were badly polluted by uranium mining done during the "Cold War." It is now poisoned. DigDeep has many, many more homes to serve, and they need all the help they  can get.