Posted by Bill Pogue, Laurel Nishida on Oct 26, 2017
We held our annual pumpkin carving event at Harriett Tubman Village Charter School on Thursday October 26.  28 wide-eyed third graders each picked out a pumpkin.  Most of them were children of immigrants so this was their first Halloween pumpkin ever.  Betty Howland, Clara Harris, John Stremlau, Bill Pogue, and teachers helped cut the pumpkins and scoop them out.  The kids were instructed to bake the seeds with butter for a delicious snack.  At the end, several kids asked in high-pitched voices "can I take the pumpkin home?"  LMSR club member and principal Ryan Woodard, assistant principal Rachel McCoy, and SEI Specialist and Rotarian Elisa Williams stopped by and talked with the students while they carved.  The finished pumpkins were sprayed with lavender soap to preserve them for more than three weeks.  Our members felt very enriched by this activity and the kids loved it!