The Quingoma School in Lauro de Freitas in Bahia, Brazil, is the only school serving some of the most impoverished families in the area. The school was in desperate need of new kitchen furnishings as they serve hundreds of meals to the children daily and teach cooking classes to families. Our Honorary Member, Paulo Costa received a request for financial assistance to help purchase this much needed equipment. We are a small but determined club! We quickly worked to solicit donations from our club members, other local Rotary Clubs, Districe 5340 Matching Grants and the Castor Foundation. We were able to raise nearly $10,000! 
The first installment of money was wired to the Lauro de Freitas Rotary Club, and they bought the equipment that was most necessary. As the exchange rate for money is 4 to 1, the US Dollars went 4 times as far as they would have if spent here in our own country!
Paulo Costa recently traveled back to his home town and was able to visit the school and take pictures. Just look at what an amazing difference we have all made!!