La Mesa Sunrise
Hooleys Irish Pub and Grill
5500 Grossmont Center Drive
La Mesa, CA
United States of America

Following a light breakfast, Master cellist and orchestra director for La Orcestra Joven del Ecuador ( Youth Orchestra of Ecuador) which is composed of refugees fleeing terrible circumstances in Venezuela, will play a few pieces for us at our regular club meeting. We will broadcast this live on Facebook Live so that other clubs may also hear him play. We are hopeful that we can solicit donations to assist with the funding of this orchestra. While there is a Global Grant to support this as well, COVID19 and its variants have taken a toll on the efforts to get monetary support.

Diego has flown to Washington DC, and will be visiting here in San Diego before returning to Ecuador. Diego created his own non-profit foundation called AmaZonArt to aide Venezuelan young people who were once encouraged to study classical music in their home countries, to acuire instruments, and join together to create an orchestra so they can begin to earn a living.

Please visit https://thepopmovement.org/team/maestro-diego-carneiro/