Over the last two years we have been working to raise  $10,000 that we pledged to a Global Grant project to bring clean drinking water systems, sinks, plumbing, tankless water heaters, solar electricity and lighting to homes that have never had such amenities on the Navajo Reservation, the largest in the continental United States. Unlike some rural locations of the world, boreholes cannot be dug because the water table has become polluted by Uranium and other toxic mining chemicals. We have finally reached our goal! The Rotary Foundation has approved the Global Grant, so every dollar raised will be matched! This project is massive.  The total raised was nearly $400,000!! Each system for an individual home will cost around $4,500. Thank you so very much to all who worked so hard to bring clean water to the US Citizens, the Dine people living on the Navajo Reservation!
 Project title: DigDeep Navajo Water Project
Country: USA
Location:  Dilkon,Arizona
TRF grant number: #2092485