The Navajo Reservation's United States Citizens in the States of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico have a very difficult time getting fresh water. Rotary has several areas of focus, and one of them is safe drinking water. A Global Grant has been given the number GG# 2092465. Melody St. John, the District Governor of Hollywood District 5280 has sent an email update to Elly Dotseth, who has been working with our club to donate what we can to this project. Here is an excerpt from Ms. St. John's email.
"This unusual Grant will be written by Curt Ward of District 5495.  They are the ones that brought this need to all of us.  There are currently 13 Districts that will be participating in this grant which includes 3 International partners.
An update from Dig Deep, is that the needs assessment is moving along quicker than expected and to date they have identified 308 homes in need of the water tanks.  They have a new truck and are currently delivering on a water route to the homes that will eventually get the system which includes the water tank, heater, solar panel for electricity for the heater the lights and a carbon dioxide monitor.
I have been to an install and the experience was life changing not only for the families but for myself as well.
We have received pledges from many of you, either from clubs or the Districts DDF.  Can you please reply to this e-mail and let us know if you are still interested and please re-state your pledge?  The funds will be collected but not until we have a green light but we need to know the amount in order to secure the funds from our International Partners for the 30% that is required on this reverse GG. 
We are all so thrilled that this will become a reality and we will all together make a significant difference in peoples lives.
Have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you."

Melody St. John
District Governor 
Chair Multi-District Youth Exchange
Rotary District 5280
Rotary Club of Hollywood
323 654-5213 (h)
323 459-6148 (c)