Posted by Elly Dotseth on Jul 08, 2018
 The mission of Rotary is service! 
Project proposals can now be submitted to the Projects Committee Chair (Elly Dotseth.) This committee will meet every three months (or as needed,) to review submissions. If the submissions have all of the necessary information, and they meet the Rotary International guidelines for "avenues of service," they will be brought to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, if funds are available, they will be funded. Most of these will be funded by our LMSR Foundation. Every effort will be made to present these projects to our membership at our Friday meetings, to ensure you all are informed and have the opportunity to either donate funds, or help with the activities themselves (or both!) The more donations we receive to our LMSR Foundation, the more projects can be funded. If you want your donation applied to one of these projects, please inform Christine Evans in writing when you give your donation!
District Grants for larger proposals are currently only available for our club through our District Designated Funds (DDF). The deadline to apply for DDF is July 31
Please click on Read More for the application form if you need it.
You may use your computer mouse to copy this form, and paste it in your own computer's "Word Document" and then print it.
Projects Committee Proposal Submission Form
 If this will require a District Grant or an International Grant  additional details will need to be provided. Please consult our Grant Writer, Manuela Bump Murillo for these before submitting your grant proposal.
Project name: ________________________________________________________________________
LMSR member proposing this project: ____________________________________________
Date of project proposal submission: ____________________
  1. Where will this project take place, and who will it benefit?
  1. Does this project adhere to the principles of Rotary International? Explain how:
  1. How will this project be funded?
  1. Describe the project in detail: Attach any important additional documentation
  1. Attach any additional important information including other Rotary Clubs pledging funding, images of people or the location where the project will take place, equipment requests with images, and any other compelling information.