Posted by Elly Dotseth on Jun 15, 2018
 The LMSR Foundation holds funds we have raised through club fundraisers such as Bowling and The Tea, Garage Sales, "opportunity drawings", Happy Dollars, etc. Some of those funds are budgeted for specific activities, but some of it is "un-budgeted." Those are the funds available for your suggested projects. How many and which projects receive funding  depends upon how much is available and how much is being requested. The Projects Committee and the La Mesa Rotary Foundation have created a form that any member can fill out and submit to the Projects Committee if he/she has an idea for a project that needs funding from our club. (This does not include large projects for which a grant would need to be written.)  This process will ensure that all members are informed about the projects being proposed, and that all members have an equal opportunity to submit ideas for fair consideration. This also means that it will take some time for projects to be reviewed, and we will not be able to accept proposals that need immediate funding, either from our membership, or from presenters who come to speak at our club.
The procedure is simple. Fill out the form as thoroughly as you can. Give the completed form to Elly Dotseth.  The Projects Committee (currently Alix, Elly and Hugo) will review your request, and if any clarification is needed, they will ask you for more details before they bring it to the Executive Board for consideration.  If the Board decides it is a good project  worthy of funding, the Board will vote to approve the project. If funding is requested from the LMSR Foundation, it will need to be approved by the Foundation Board. The next step will be a presentation to the club at our weekly meeting, by the person who  submitted the project for consideration.  
Simply click  on "Read More," then select the entire document. Copy  it, then Paste it to save it to your documents.  You will be able to keep it on your computer's hard drive, and fill it out as needed.
Projects Committee Proposal Submission Form
Project name: ________________________________________________________________________
LMSR member proposing this project: ____________________________________________
Date of project proposal submission: ____________________
Please submit this information in writing to the Projects Committee Chairperson no later than
Date: _________________
  1. Where is this project, and who will it benefit?
  1. Does this project adhere to the principles of Rotary International?
  2. How would this project be funded?
    1. How much money has been committed to by others besides LMSR?
  3. Describe the project:
  1. Attach any additional important information including other Rotary Clubs involved.
 * If this will require a District Grant or an International Grant and not funding from our LMSR Foundation, additional details will need to be provided. Please consult our Grant Writer, Manuela Bump Murillo for these.
Amount Requested:
For what specifically will these funds be used?
Disbursement (payee & address):
Date needed:
Approved by LMSRC Board of Directors: ____________________(date)
Approved  by LMSRC Foundation Board: ____________________(date)
Check # _______________  Date mailed: _________________