A fun time for everyone!

Thanks, Christine and Manuela (and probably many others), for organizing this! 

Bill and Betty

Clara and Marlene

Bobbi and Muff

Marilyn and Clara

Betty, Christine, and Laurel

Clara, Manuela, and Molly 

Ana and Hugo

Jo Ann wearing a festive garage sale steal (a tree skirt!)

Soon-to-be inducted Carroll with Daisy and Bobbi 

Nice spread!

Mark and Alix



We inducted a new member also

Meet our newest member Carroll

Welcome to the club, Carroll!





And were entertained by San Diego symphony musicians!

Beautiful music provided by Victoria on violin and Leyla on bassoon




And last but not least, we honored Rosie Cech for her 18 years of outstanding work and dedication at Helix Charter High School

We honored Rosie with a Paul Harris award

She was the key to encouraging exceptional students to apply for RYLA.

Thank you, Rosie, and happy retirement!