Garden project at Tubman Village Charter School

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Our July monthly service meeting and project was held at Harriet Tubman Village Charter School. This was the beginning of what the school hopes will become a productive edible plants garden to supplement their school's meal program. Our club plans to continue to support this school's students by helping to supply them with the necessary tools and materials to educate students about how to grow healthy food and how to cook meals with that food. The garden needed weeds pulled, soil amended and ice plant moved to fill in empty spaces. We started a collection of "touch and smell" plants for the students to discover how so many plants can be distinguished by how they feel and smell.
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Governor's Dinner

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Betty Howland, Elly Dotseth (outgoing co-presidents from 2021-22), along with Marco Samaniego, Ivy Blumberg (Incoming President 2022-23,) and Anna Quintella attended the Governor's Dinner last weekend. Although the traffic on I-5 was pretty congested due to an accident and the Fair, we had a great time!
The dinner was very good and the company was wonderful! We shared the table with members from the La Mesa Rotary Club with whom we shared the Comedy Hypnosis Fundraiser. If you have not attended a District 5340 event, you really owe it to yourself!                                         
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New year- New President

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                                    We welcome Ivy Blumberg as our 2022-23 President!                                                                         

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